Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Well a wet morning confronted us as we headed into London to collect our Uzbek visas. After the visa collection it was on our way to North as I wanted to collect some stuff from a bike shop in West Yorkshire on Tuesday Morning.

Unfortunately this wasn't to be as the bike died just outside of Oxford, home the famous University (and less well known Oxford Brooks). Calls to a rescue service were made after an unsuccessful attempt to get it running on the side of the motorway.

The bike is at a KTM dealer about 20ks away and we are staying in Oxford while it gets fixed.

So even though it was unplanned we went saw some of the sights of Oxford yesterday, it really is a very interesting place, with the whole centered on learning. There is nothing that compares to this in Australia. Oxford has been a centre of teaching for nearly 1000 years. The mind boggles.

On of the interesting sights we saw yesterday. Actually had nothing to do with teaching and that was Oxford Castle.

The original castle was built c 900 and the current castle tower around 1071 with the arrival of the Normans. It has served numerous functions, most recently as a prison up until 1996, as a prison it held up to 4 people in each cell, cells that were originally designed for one. Even by 1996 the cells didn't have flushing toilets, inmates using still using a bucket. Unpleasant place to be a prisoner.

Yes that me, no I am not doing that, this is a demonstration of what a tread mill feels like to walk on. The prisoners had to many hours of this mindless repetitive labour.

The views from the top of the castle tower and adjoining mound are fabulous.

In terms of getting going again, hopefully the bike gets looked at today and we can get going again tomorrow.

Fingers crossed.

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