Sunday, April 8, 2012

Plymouth and Exeter

So once we were done with the luggage debacle we were on our way to Plymouth to stay at the Sydney Guest House. The weather was great and the people who ran the guest house really nice. (Can't remember their names).

Sharon was most assumed with this no dog fouling signs everywhere. Yeah I don't understand either.

Plymouth is really nice city, the centre of town is quite modern as it was largely bombed to the ground during World War 2.
It would have been nice to have more time here as it is pretty and the weather very nice.

We decided to bolt from Plymouth to Exeter to see if we could make a Salvation Army church service on Sunday morning, it wasn't to be but riding around Exeter showed it to be a very pretty place indeed.

After a nice lunch of bangers and mash at this cute little roadside stop we needed to head back towards London as there were visas to be had. At the cafe we talked to the owner and mentioned which route we were planning to take. He told us that Stonehenge was on that road do that was to be our next stop.

I think for me the most interesting thing was that these stones were hacked out the rock and placed here 1000 years or more before Christ walked the earth, moved here with only with ancient devices.

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