Friday, April 20, 2012

The Peak District

Well attempt number two at getting to the Peak District - destination Buxton in the heart of the Peak District National Park.
When we left Fulham it was cool but there was no rain about 30 mins in up the freeway there was a huge accident, we probably could have ridden around but since there was someone trapped in a car we didn't think it was the appropriate thing to do. In the end the emergency services called in helicopter to take her away. It was pretty bad.
We ended up with some clear weather for a while but it didn't hold and while we could appreciate the the countryside once we left the motorway, we were both very cold once we lobbed at the Buckingham Hotel and were happy to get warm.
The hotel is quite close to the Buxton Opera house and had pictures of movies stars every where and lift was plastered in playbills. The room we stayed in was huge and had some great views to hills, very pretty. The restaurant had lamb shanks and mashed potato perfect for cold day, so good that I had it the next night also.

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While Sharon had a lay day I headed to Mytholmroyd (don't ask I don't how to say it either) to Adventure Spec to collect a bash plate for the bike (planned purchase when I left Aus) and Kreiga bag to replace the burnt top box (not so planned). The guys there offered me a cuppa, open their shed to let me put on the bash plate and were up for a good chat at the same time. Big thanks to them.
The county though the Peak District was desolate, cold and uninviting, but it was magnificent because of this, I had great day out even though it cold again. On the way back to Buxton I took a number of back roads to avoid traffic and ended up on top of a hill with views to Manchester one way and over the steep mountains of the Peak District the other.

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We will be back in the future for sure.

Location:Buxton, UK

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