The Bike.

The bike we travel on is a KTM950 Adventure.

Many people ask why not choose the BMW's like they did on the Long Way Down?  Well when it comes down it the KTM is lighter, has better suspension, has better clearance and is an off road bike firstly where the BMW is road bike that has been adopted to the dirt.  Just because KTM rejected Charley and Ewan doesn't make them the wrong bike.

Its V-twin motor has nice high air intakes, making it suitable for a water crossing or two the 950 has carbys rather than fuel injection which should problems with dirty fuel easier to solve and its slightly larger wheels combined longer travel suspension make uneven ground easier to ride over.

It has the ability to run on low octane fuel so where we do come across poor quality fuel the bike will be able to cope with it.

We will carry approximately 50kg of luggage with us which includes:

  • Tools
  • Some spare parts
  • Cooking equipment
  • 3 changes of clothes each.

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