Friday, April 27, 2012


Well it was to be an interesting couple of days.
We left Denmark and rode across two of the most amazing water crossings maybe in the world. I say water crossings because the first one is a bridge that is 6.8km long, the Grand Belt Bridge, and the second the ├śresund Bridge/Tunnel which is a 4 km tunnel from Copenhagen to an artificial island which then becomes a 8km Bridge to Sweden.

This is the Little Belt Bridge
We had stopped outside Cophenhagen to book a hotel for the night and to get an oil filter and some oil for the bike as I had wanted to do an oil change as the oil was looking pretty grubby. The Lyckebo B&B Sharon had picked was in a place called Maglarp and it was perfect they had a shed I could the oil change in. Brilliant!

So I set about to doing the oil change plus put in the new clutch i had brought with me Australia (just wanted to get the last bit of life out of the old one and they are quick to change) it about 10 I was done and it was time to start the bike up and get it warm for a final check of the level all good.

Or so I thought! At one the bike stopped and I realized I hadn't turned the fuel back on so did that and turned on the rear tanks at the same time. Started for a bit and then didn't start! Mmm a problem for the morning.
Morning comes and I discovered a surprise not only was an Aussie staying in the small B&B that we were. There was one who rented a shed next to the one that I had fixed my bike in! Chappy had lived in Sweden for 20 years and was a specialist in old British Sports Cars and Ferrari Dinos, he was rebuilding one for a customer, which was about a years worth of work. Very nice guy, invited us for lunch where we got to meet his lovey wife Jenny and his mate Anders. It was excellent.

Anyway back to the bike, we got it started but it would only idle, not rev! mmm after a fair bit of mucking about it was discovered that the rear tanks had got water in them! Possibly a cause of our earlier problems! Anyway a quick drain for carb bowls and the tanks and some clean fuel and were up and running again. We did some quick mods to ensure that it would occur again. After a long day we stayed at Lykecbo for another night, it would mean an early rise to get to Stockholm in time for the ferry! For all our dramas Lyeckbo will give us fond memories and hopefully a follow up visit!

Our lovey host Sanna.

Bob and Grazyna from the Gold Coast.
Again a big thanks to Chappie, Sanna and all at Lyeckbo!

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