Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hell Fire Caves

Well the bike has been fixed, it needed a new fuel pump, along with a drain of the tanks. Dirty fuel was the cause.

As we needed to be back in London to do the next lot messing about with visa the trip to the Peak District has been put off for the moment. So it was back to London to do the next lot visa exchanges. Unfortunately by the time we got away from Oxford it would be too late to make it to the Tadjik embassy so that would have wait until they were open on the following Monday!
So we did made the most of it and stayed away from the Motorway and enjoyed a nice slow trip, with lots of country side.

As we were driving though a little village called West Wycombe (pronounced Wick-om) we saw a huge golden ball mounted atop a building, on the highest hill around. So we stopped to investigate, the golden ball was actually mounted on top of a church. The ball along with a huge family mausoleum, built by the Dashwood family, Baronet of West Wycombe.

Along with the church and the mausoleum there are caves under the hill, these were excavated in the 1750s (does that technically make it a mine also?) for chalk this was to provide work for unemployed farm workers, the chalk was used to built a road to High Wycombe, there are carvings in walls from the workers of little heads and other things.

Once the excavations were complete, Sir Francis Dashwood, 2nd Baronet of West Wycombe, had the caves modified for meetings of Hell Fire Club. More information here.

From there it was on Denham for the night at this hotel on 18 acres of woodland. Sharon was very excited as we could squirrels and rabbits from our bedroom window!

Location:London, UK

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