Saturday, April 7, 2012

A couple of days out of London

After some effort and a little back and forth we have manage to get the visa process started. We both applied for both the Uzbek and Kazah visas.
After applying for the Kazah visa we stopped from some fuel and an Italian guy who was walking past was intrigued by the number plates on the bike and stopped for a chat and to take our photo. Chalk one up for the Aussie number plates. Hopefully they inspire some more interest as we go along.
For the Uzbek visa we paid a little extra to have it quicker so it will able on Monday, allowing to hopefully get the Tadjik and Kyrg visa in another week.
Outside the Uzbekistan Embassy very nice houses and offices in a very street in a very nice suburb IMG_0290
So with that done we have decided with the easy stuff we decided to leave London for the weekend and headed to Bristol to stay the night. Rather than just hit the motorway we tried to smaller roads out of London. It took a while but was well worth it.
Once we were out of London we got to see some of the English countryside yes it was everything we expected.
And onto Bath.
We didn't stop at Bath as we plan on going back next to weekend to catch up with mum's cousin Anna. Our stop from the night was too be the Arnos Manor Hotel in Bristol. Very nice and not much for a for the night
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Whilst in Bristol we were stopped by a guy in a Lexus an Aussiea who recognized the our Queensland plates, a quick g'day and we were off to the local motorcycle dealer to finally get some full face helmets and draggin jeans for Sharon. Whilst we were there we met a bunch of locals who were great for a nice long chat. Sharon took some pics but the memory card wasn't in the camera. There goes their pics and a bunch between Bristol and Axebridge when we finally realized. Doh!

Another little bit of Aussie - didn't get to meet the drivers.
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The view over Axebridge.

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