Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pig's Arse Tour 2010 Day 6

After nice cosy nights sleep in a bed instead of my bivvy we fuelled up and asked what was the best way out of Arkaroola.  The servo guy said there was a back way that would take 4 hours to do or along the road  at 2 hours, mmm what to do.  Take the back way of course.  What a nice track it was and it didn't take 4 hours about 2 followed by a nice blast on wide open road into Copley.

View from the Park Entrance.
A sneaky lookout that we found.
Once we hit Copley it was a quick stop for morning tea a the Quandong Cafe.  After a nice sausage roll (or two) it was off to the Marree and then on to Lake Eyre.

Leigh Creek Mine
Farina Township
Farina Townshop
Farina Township
Lake Eyre
Tim and Lindsay
Sunset over Lake Eyre
The Team Tim, Paul (B), Me, Graham(B), Lindsay 

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