Wednesday, June 20, 2012


IMG_2086 IMG_2076 IMG_2092 IMG_1609On our way to Bishkek we once again found beautiful scenery. We came across another couple pushbike riding (cycling), first Christelle (French) and then Dave (Belgium). They were about ready to stop for the night. They have been travelling for 15 months already!! Thoroughly recommend their website. Their photos are worth the visit. Check out Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan!! Catch them at
IMG_2089IMG_2090 IMG_1604 IMG_5729 IMG_5738We went a further 40 kms to a hotel on the GPS at Toktogul. Was a little hard to find but saw the sign гостиница (gastinista) with an arrow pointing behind other buildings, a Shaslik restaurant for one which we ate at later that night ) to a gated set of three little buildings, one which housed four bedrooms. IMG_5728 The old lady kept it very tidy and even told Craig off for walking in his socks back and forth from the bike to the room and back, a matter of three or four steps. IMG_5733 We had electricity which we were very grateful for and a hole in the floor toilet with an optional extra of a little wooden chair with a hole hanging on the wall.
Three out of four isn't bad - cook and waitress in Shaslik restaurant, friendly; man in a group across the road, friendly;

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  1. where are you now mate??? Ispent 2 months in the stans with a few groups.