Monday, June 18, 2012

Osh for some more days

Stay in Osh
The Tes Guesthouse was just what the doctor ordered!! And Osh was a n unexpected treat too. Just had to walk back up the stairs to the main road to find many cheap but yummy food in sit down cafes!! And beautiful tea! We tried a few while we were there as the meals were about $1.50 each !!found Osh a very cheap city!
IMG_5561 IMG_5557 IMG_5555 IMG_5566 The staff at the guesthouse were very helpful (laundry load, wash, dry and iron ) $3!!! Gulchihra (which means princess with face like a flower in persian) was an awesome receptionist and a busy one yet still had time to assist us with many tourist and cultural questions and peel us potatoes one night to present gorgeous potato cakes as an extra to the breakky!! No wonder we ended up staying three nights!!
IMG_5569 IMG_5576 IMG_5601For a very reasonable price you could book the hotel driver and we decided to visit the two places Gulchihra had recommended. He disappeared while we ate dinner at this awesome family park with two little fountains, little cars for the kids to ride in (parents controlled the remotes for them), park benches full with people, ice cream vans, food stalls and couches, tables and chairs and bouncing castles, the whole package.
He came back three quarters of an hour later to share a cup of tea with us (didn't take us up on our earlier dinner offer), and shared with us the experience of two wedding parties visiting!! One had the whole works being introduced on the PA and danced in a circle to music, the second looked like the bride and father and flower girl only strolling through.
IMG_5599 IMG_5611 IMG_5605 He then motioned towards the mountains and drove us up to a lookout where we could get a good view of this very green city lined with beautiful trees!! Missed the opening times of the museum at the lookout but would recommend by what we saw through the large decorative glass window.
At breakfast we met quite a few interesting fellow residents of the guesthouse who were there for work commitments and so shared very interesting details of their vocations including two locals from Bishkek; a fruit expert and a vegetable expert, consultants to kyrgyzstan farmers. One spoke a little English and we found out he had introduced the Granny Smith there and in his nursery had 50 kinds of apples and 40 odd types of pears!!
Also on arrival we had met a tour director who lives in Osh and two Swiss motorbike riders who had delivered the bikes from Switzerland through Turkmenistan. He was very helpful and found us another new tyre by the time we left; the kindness of strangers!

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