Saturday, June 16, 2012

A border crossing and an AK47

IMG_5418 We enjoyed another breakfast with Sven and once again he was quicker off the mark and was away 20 mins before us. IMG_5419 The scenery once 'again was beautiful though quite sparse at times.On the right was China once again, as the day before, the fence following us a lot of the way.
As we went higher it got freezing cold but thankfully for not as long.
Came across many horsemen herding sheep or cattle on the road.
The border crossing was freezing cold and we felt for the poor soldiers and police. We got invited into the warm tin shed into customs to show our passports. A pleasant surprise indeed :) and then a short but very muddy trek to passport control where two Germans on BMW 1200s said a quick hello and then were choofed off to the tin shed we just left.
This is where it got interesting! They seemed friendly enough but it was pretty unnerving when the officer asked if the helmets were bullet proof. By the time Craig had ascertained what he was asking he had grabbed his offsider's rifle and pointed it at Craig's helmet!! Craig quickly (but surprisingly calmly) let him know No!!!!! The conversation then turned to family funnily enough and it was ascertained he was a family man with five children!!
As we left a poor soldier was struggling to walk back to the office heavily laden with heavy firewood for the fire!!
The 25 kms that ensued till the Kyrgyzstan border was absolutely stunning!!
It was full of rolling green mountains and a beautiful view of mountains coming up of Maroon, green, red and brown, all of them so very high!! Many beautiful green jade colored stones small and large lining the road and the rushing water's edge.
Not far from the Taj side many marmots were playing together on our left but no camera!!
There were two houses in a valley shortly after the Tajik post, buildings on the right side, outhouses on the left.
At last we stopped and got Craig's phone out to take some photos.
The border crossing into Kyrgyzstan was completely painless and vey quick! While we were waiting we noticed a soldier working hard on a Lada four wheel drive without many tools. After we were free to go Craig took over his tool kit and his offer was met with big thankful pat on the back but it was no thanks :)
One of the easiest border crossings yet! On to Osh!

Location:Osh, Kygryzstan

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