Thursday, June 7, 2012

Khorog, Deli Debar

Khorog - Delhi bar.
We arrived in Khorog with Craig feeling very worried about money. He was looking for a bank that would let him use his MasterCard to no avail. My internet wasn't working also. While he went to the bank I went to TCell. No go for either of us. Tcell really busy because lunch so big line up as they tried to fix so I said I would go back in hour or two.
Had seen information desk so I went to look for that while Craig tried another bank. Had to ask a young girl and she asked her teacher and after a while we ascertained that it was the tourist centre I needed and it was through some gates near a park -just where I was but further. They need more signs :)
They had a map there and she advised on motels et cetera. We should have stayed at palmir lodger or homestay but we went for what we thought would give us wifi and a bit lo luxuryat del dabar - which had an Indian restaurant but to its credit it had a kettle!!! And a bar fridge so we boiled water and cooled it which was great. It was hot and the air conditioner didn't work plus it was a bit dingy. The breakfast was a tub of yoghurt and a omelette with chives and little sausages cut into little cute shapes. But the restaurant was dingy too.
It was a worry all day for craig re money but we did go for a few walks up the street.
We listened to Christian tv - they had three stations :)
Off to bed and had to have our four windows opened. During the night I woke in the middle of a dream to see something hanging through the blinds, caught, and I thought for a second it was my bra hanging down and went to pull it down and realized it was a cat. We turned the light on because I screamed. Craig must have woken. The poor cat was hiding under a dining chair and was very timid. Craig picked her up and put her in the hallway. We saw her the next day lying on a made up bed in the levels reception area (nĂ´ longer in use.) I hope they treated her well. Craig thought she was full of babies. We told the receptionist who was also our waitress for breakfast.

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