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Desh homestay

Desh homestay between Kylob and Khorog
We asked near the sign and the neighbor to the homestay showed us the way up the side road access to their house. We met the father and his brother who were really friendly. The brother knew more English and mentioned he had google translate on his computer up the road.
They showed us that we could sleep outside or in in two other rooms. We ended up In the first room inside where we could shut the door but the bike was just outside.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugWe were both feeling really tired and I had been feeling sick. I hadn't slept very well at the hotel at Kylob. And I think the attitude and hard riding hadn't helped. We had left Kylob as early as we could it was so unpleasant.
We asked if we could have a meal and that was okay but I don't know if that put our hostess out. The stay also included breakfast.
There was no mention of a shower so I don't know where they did so themselves. They had fruit trees and vege gardens all around their house which was in two buildings. The one we didn't see inside and the one we were staying in. There was an eating tent making it a u shape all together.
We washed our hands when they brought the dinner which was huge meat filled noodles with cumin? And nuts of some kind inside. I couldn't eat it all even though we had only had one yoghurt for breakfast and a small bowl of soup at that place where I wasn't supposed to sit and eat with craig.
They also had brought beautiful cup of tea which hit the spot.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug The wife then came over with four eggs and asked if that was okay for breakfast which was lovely. She didn't seem happy at first but slowly warmed up to us I hope. His brother, I think, was there when we got there and knew a little english but no one of the family knew any. They had a book which the wife brought out later that night.
Their toilet was one of those wooden ones with a hole in the strong wooden floor. It was a hole but with a extra long bit to accommodate men I guess.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugThere was also a hole in two sides of the toilet walls which was fun to look through. I took a photo both ways. The toilet was near the road which was near the rushing river which separated you from Afghanistan where there was a track and Craig said he had seen people but I didn't get that photo :)
I made sure I had a skirt and top on so it was easier to go!!! Slept that way too but in the end I didn't need to. Think I was a bit dehydrated. Didn't have to even when I got up to check out a scratching in the next room.
Got the head torch and after ascertaining nothing was in the room I closed the door to the other bedroom. I had jumped closer to Craig at first but he hadn't even heard.
Before were so tired we went to bed at 8:30 but before that we had spoken with the wife - have name elsewhere. I shared photos of my kids after her asking how old I was. (she had a booklet with phrases ) she was 40. At the end we ascertained that she normally had breakfast at 5'am. We asked if it could be later and she was happy with 8.. Lazy Australians. :)
We slept til about 7!!! I had a leisurely look at all the photos before we got up. I had a look around and after going to the toilet went to wash my hands at the back of the house and looked at all the fruit trees and saw where they cook in a little hut. I mentioned the fruit trees and asked what they all were. The daughter knew a tiny bit of English. They brought me out some dried mulberries from the kitchen to taste!
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug They were scrumptious and tasted just like sultanas only better.
We had our gorgeous eggs and thick bread and jam. We also had dried mulberries and biscuits and so much. And of course the beautiful tea! With condensed milk.
While we packed up they sat and chatted with each other and a couple of visitors. We took photos and one of their friends or relatives knew english so he gave us his email address.
Our first homestay a success :)
Homestay Family, Desh Tajikstan.And off we went to Khorog!

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