Monday, May 14, 2012


Well another run in mad traffic brought us to a very pretty town called Suzdal. James, who owns Godzilla's in Moscow also has built a very nice Hostel in here and since he is Pom plenty more English to speak. And wouldn't you know it more Aussies! A lawyer working in London and historian doing Chinese Research in the Russian Archives!

Suzdal is a 1000 year (at least) old town that features at lot Russian Architecture, mostly churches and monasteries.



This is a timber church and was moved from another town 400km away.

Sharon really liked this.

We spent a couple of days and had some time just to kick back and relax. One the highlights was a delicious meal of a typical Russian BBQ meat grilled on skewers, called Shashlik. This kindly provided and prepared by a fellow Moscow Hostel owner Richard and his friends. Delicous!

All too quickly it was time to leave for Kazan, another trip we would spread over 2 days.

James and the lady who runs the show for him, Larissa.

I thoroughly recommend hostel stay. It is a great way to meet people and get a bit better insight into the place you are staying. And the team at Godzilla's Suzdal were great!

One more photo on the way out town.

Location:Suzdal, Russian Federation.

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