Thursday, May 17, 2012


Well Samara was our last town in Russia for around six weeks. We had arranged a new set of tyres to greet us here and also a new chain sprockets that I had realized that were very worn when we left Suzdal, the wear rate had been much higher than expected. With that in mind we had booked two nights so that I would have a full day to work on the bike.
The ride from Kazan was pretty good, the road, apart from one 50km section was very good. The day also marked our 6th week on the road, it seems a lot more in some ways. We definitely need to start taking things a little easy as I am starting feel a little stuffed most days.
After arriving late in the afternoon we just ate dinner a kicked back. The room we were in had a great view over the Volga.
The day started with a chase for parts. Edward who was due to receive the chain and sprockets made early contract and I had what I needed by around 10am so far so good. However I still had heard from Sergei who had the tyres despite emailing him some days earlier and his mobile said it was unavailable. So after some texts back forth from the guy who I organized the tyres though finally I got onto Oleg, who then had his make Andrew ring me to arrange a meeting place.
It was about 2ks from the hotel so I got on the bike and rode it to the place.
Anyway shortly after I got there a guy on a 990 Adventure pulls up. Another big Kato in Samara! I said "Oleg?" thinking he was the guy. He said "Alexander" I thought ok I though it was Oleg but ok he is on Kato and we started talking in his very broken English and my almost non existent Russian. Anyway after a couple of minutes a car turns up it is Oleg ah things are becoming clear sort of. Anyway we go to get the tyres it turns out that Alex owns the garage, Oleg is a mate of Sergi, who is in Georgia and he doesn't know how much money I need to pay. Fortunately I do and after another phone call to Andrew it all sorted.
Anyway after I get the tyres strapped down it Alex invites me (via Oleg) back to a mates place who is also a Kato rider and speaks English.
So here I am on wet streets in a strange town heading to blokes place I have never met yeehaa. So anyway after a quick ten mintue ride we lob at Renat's (Ренат) house where there was a big Goldwing and Harley in bits in the garage. Immediately I was given food and drink. The guys were all into dirt bikes, snowmobiles and hunting. I had a really good night, talking bikes, laughing and watching all the spanner work. Really glad to have had the experience of meeting some fellow bikers. It was great night and I had lots of fun and some great Borsht.
Thanks to Alexander, Renat and all the guys for having me there. Awesome night..

The mighty Volga.

Tyres are sold in the supermarket.

Alexander and Renat.

Some great food! Borsht.

Tool time Russian style.

Tyres on the bike are still in good nick so I have decided to carry the new ones, time will tell how clever this is.

Location:Samara, Russian Federation

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