Monday, May 14, 2012


The further we got from Moscow the less traffic there was and the easier the riding was becoming. Funny thing I have observed, when the road is good, i.e. smooth, with proper line markings the better driving on display is. I have decided, to a degree on a 'if you can't beat them join them join them' mentality. Following the lead of another Australian rider, Richard Winter, who is currently riding around Europe (
After two day trip we arrived in Kazan in beautiful warm weather. The city had a completely different feel about it from others we had visited, even the cops seemed pretty relaxed.
Kazan was yet another town with typical Russian architecture. But it is also a very contemporary city. Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan Republic and it has some autonomy from the Russian Government than most of the other Jurisdictional Subjects (in the Australian Context similar to a state). It also has two official languages, Russian and Tatar. Tatar people make up about 48% of the population and are predominantly Muslim. Russians are 43% and the balance various minorities.
Like many other Russian Cities Kazan has a magnificent Kremlin, unlike many it houses both a Russian Orthodox Church and Mosque.

Again another great hostel filled with interesting people.
I&I is great Hostel and is very counter culture. Sergy didn't even bother getting any upfront payment pointed us in the direction of everything to see and do.
The wall of our dorm perfect for world travellers

And number of very interesting people.

Sergy the Hostel owner.

This Chinese who name I didn't get, was riding from China to London for the Olympics. When we met him he had already done 10,000ks. That day he planned to ride another 150ks and it was already 12 in the afternoon.

The guy on the right is Radik a Kazan local, the guy in the middle in Nunizo an Italian who hitchhiking around the world! Crazy guy bigger balls than I will ever have.

This is I'mal who is studying in Moscow on a scholarship from Antigua. He was Kazan performing Reggae, great guy.
We also had a photo is Anton who helped run the Hostel and RT who was DJing with I'aml but it was lost in a iPhone moment.
I have an absolutely great time there. It was plenty of fun and really laid back.

We were even hailed down on the way out of town by a local who wanted a picture and a chat.  We should have taken one back and grabbed his details.  On the way to Samara there was a number of people you honked there horn and had a friendly wave. Just great!

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