Thursday, April 5, 2012

We have arrived

We left Perth on Monday morning for the UK via Dubai. Dubai Airport is an interesting place full of duty free shops and restaurants with some nice little gardens at each end of the Airport.
On the leg to London we were put on an A380. They are a big thing and the wings are huge.
It took us an 11/2 hours to get through customs. But that is okay because according to a government official on the news customs are manned by sufficient staff to cope (yeah I didn't connect either).

I went out for an early morning walk in a t-shirt. Lots of strange looks as everyone else had multiple layers on it was either that or my strange looking head. The weather could be warmer.

We picked up the bike from James Cargo Services and uncrated it and assembled it in their forecourt. They were really good and provided me with a can of fuel so I could just ride away. I had lots nice photos of the process but managed to wipe them of my wife's iPhone before uploading them. DOH. At least I got my passport back after leaving it and my camera in a mini cab *facepalm*. Anyway here is some pics of it in the UK anyway.

Tomorrow we start the process of applying for Visas for the 'Stans. Due to Easter we will be delayed for a week with the Uzbek visa. It might end up keeping us in England a little longer than first expected. Maybe get to see a little more if the weather improves, we were hoping to head to Scotland, but not while it is snowing. Oh this is the view from our hotel room. Not bad for across the road from one of the busiest Airports in the world.

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  1. We're loving your posts and happy to see you've arrived safely with passports still in hand! May I suggest you hand yours over to Sharon, Craig?