Thursday, April 26, 2012

2 days 6 countries

When arrived back at Linda and Rupert's house the Sun was out and it was great. Rupert and I took the dog for a walk, and coffee all on the pretext of getting groceries, while Sharon and Linda started on dinner.
It was a lovely final evening with them and we very appreciated there hospitality.

The following day it was off Canterbury for our final night in England before catching the ferry to France. The idea was to get into Canterbury early and take at look at the Cathedral. Well the weather had other ideas, it was wet cold and miserable when arrived at our Hotel for the night. The very luxurious Howfield Manor, when they upgraded the is to their nicest room it was a very easy decision to stay in and not go back into the rain.

Planning the run up through Europe!

Dried out, we made our way to their restaurant for a magnificent meal of lamb and vegetables we have ever had, by a French chef aswell. Great Food, great staff, great room. It was excellent.

Up early for the run into Dover the following morning, more rain but at least not quite as cold. Met a bunch of bikers on their way to Cologne to snort chocolate. Once aboard the ferry it was dry and importantly for Sharon very calm.

The famous White Cliffs.

This couple owned a house in France and went their six month of the year.

Once in France it was time to learn a whole new trick. Let's drive on the other side of the road. A specially prepared arrow on the bike should help with that. Going around roundabouts the was very weird. Once we had found a quiet spot I set the GPS for Stockholm! And we see how far we would we get.

Half an hours riding later and we were in Belgium the third country we had been in since getting up that morning and to boot the sun was out and we were warm. A stop for lunch saw a local bike copper take some interest in us. The good kind, he was amazed that a bunch of Aussies where riding around the world. Very funny guy and let Sharon sit on his bike for a photo.

Another couple of hours and here we are in country number four the day - Holland - the ancestral home! Within 50 minutes we were in Germany, that was five different countries in one day, normal for a European but mind blowing for an Aussie!
Germany means the Autobahn and in many places no speed limit. It makes eating up the miles a breeze even at only 130 most of the way. Halfway across Germany and it was time for a bed for the night, took the next exit and stayed in downtown Oberhausen for the night.
Up early the next morning it was back on the Autobahn, before getting to Kolding in Denmark for our next stop.
2 days riding and we had been six different countries. Fantastic!

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