Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Crating Prospect!

It is about 2 weeks away know before we leave for the UK.

After some big problems with parts the bike has finally been reassembled and it running as expected.  The Rallye tanks and GPR exhaust work well and will make it cooler on the bike and give us hopefully a range of around 550kms.  A few oil leaks on shakedown but they have all been sorted now.

During the week we sorted out how everything will go into our panniers and today we loaded the bike into a crate destined for the UK.  I am both excited and anxious all at the same time.

All Tied down.

Handlebars and screen removed.

Screwing it all shut
The end product!

That bike is finally in crate and all is running as expected gives me a big sigh of relief.  All the paperwork for our Visa's has arrived hopefully things go well on that front we start chasing them down in the UK.

Sharon still needs to get a list together of what we will see in the first few months but that can be done in the next to weeks.

Next stop England!

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  1. All the very best for your trip. Sharon I looked on Facebook and the page stories from the seat doesn't come up. Am I not looking for the right name. I would really like to keep a track of your trip so if you could let me know what the Facebook page is called that would be wonderful. If not I will keep and eye on your blog. Take care and have a great trip. Paula Al and Mackenzie from Mainly Music.