Monday, June 21, 2010

Pig's Arse Tour 2010 Day 10

Well the more work on the bike - first stop the Birdsville Roadhouse for to see if they had something that would work.  All they had was an o-ring kit from Repco with out much selection.  After a bit of brute force I found one that would work so we buttoned up the bike and head to a nice breakky at the pub.

Putting the big girl back together.

And then it was on to Windorah.  Not section of road that I particularly as you ride into a headwind most of the way, but halfway along is there is a little Gem called Deon's lookout. The views are just outstanding.

Deon's Lookout
After quick bite and fuel at Windorah it was on to the Cooper for the night.

Sunset on the Cooper.

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