Friday, June 18, 2010

Pig's Arse Tour 2010 Day 7

Well at least it was a bit warmer last night.  We headed back into Maree for a bit of a look around and then would head up the Birdsville track.  Marree is the start of the Birdsville Track and is where the Tom Kruse's legendary mail run started from. He ran the mail to Birdsville every 2 weeks from 1936-57.  He is a real Aussie Icon and legend of the track.

Engine from the Old Ghan Railway

We had a good look around taking in the history of the Old Ghan, which stopped running in the 1980's.

Old Boiler
One the highlights of this trip would be riding on the Cooper Creek Ferry, it only runs once every twenty years or so.  It would be a trip that not too many Australian's get to make.

Crocs! They're everywhere.
Once we left the Ferry it was up to the Mungerannie Roadhouse for lunch.
Behind the Bar at the Mungerannie Road House
After Lunch we continued North on the track and had another great bush camp for the night.
Our camp for the night.

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