Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pig's Arse Tour 2010 Day 1

It was the middle of winter in Queensland and that meant it was time for a bike a bike ride and so starts the Pig's Arse Tour 2010.  From Brisbane to Brisbane via,  well that would unfold as ride went on.  We did know that we were going to Innaminka, Arkaroola and Deon's lookout.  So I suppose we some basis of route, the rest would sort itself as the trip progressed.  The riders on the trip would be Tim, Lindsay, Graham, Paul and little old me.

So Saturday June 12th came along pretty quickly and I was up early to head firstly to Tim's to pick up him and Lindsay and then off to grab Paul and Graham.   Soon we were on the road heading out heading to Hebel on the Queensland-NSW border.  It was very cold start (by Qld standards anyway) and we were looking forward to the Sun burning off the fog and it getting a little warmer.

Smooch got up early to see me off.
Raring to Go!
The Team from left Graham, Paul, me, Lindsay and Tim as you can see still very foggy.
Soon we were on out way to Millmerran we stopped to for a nice warm cuppa to knock off the last of the chills from our bodies.
Driver's Reviver put on the Millmerran Lion's Club
From Millmerran it was off to the Goondiwindi for Lunch and then the legendary Ninidigully Pub.

Nindigully Pub.
At the pub we meet the owner, a guy in a wheel chair who was very interested in our bikes and our trip. Turns out he was a bike rider himself who had a big get off that put him in the wheel chair.  As there was a B&B scheduled for that night we thought it would best to leave them to it and headed on to Hebel.

Between Thallon and Dirranbandi we finally hit some dirt road yippie! Unfortunately it would be over too quickly as we turned south and headed to Hebel.

As darkness encroached we decided to find a spot to camp for the night.  It was about 20ks outside of Hebel.

Our camp for the night.

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