Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pig's Arse Tour 2010 Day 5

After getting up early (for me anyway) I had the need to be on the road, so I left early and would stop down the road for the other's to catch up.  The run from Innamincka down through to Moomba is easily one my favourite places.  The rolling dunes and arid landscape is beautiful.  Due to the heavy rains earlier in the year there was lots of vegetation about.  I really enjoyed riding through it by myself and just taking it in.  About an hour and half from Innamincka you get to Moomba.  The Cooper Creek Basin is rich in underground gas and oil there are a large number of gas wells.  The gas is pumped to a large gas plant at Moomba for processing and then off to Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane for final processing.  The plant is owned and operated by Santos.  Miles from anything else (the nearest town of size is over 500km away) it did boast Telstra coverage.

The plant is miles from any other infrastructure and is huge.

The Dunes south of Moomba
From Moomba we headed south to the Montecollina Bore.  Where ever water comes to the surface in the desert life just springs up.

The Montecollina Bore
From the Montecollina Bore it was down to the Mt Hopeless turn off and into Arakaroola.  The track was blast to ride and run along the northern edge of the Gammon Ranges.

Desert, with Gammon Ranges in the Background.
Mt Hopeless Station Boundary.
Wooltana Sheep Station.
After eventually you come to a T intersection that is the turn off to Arkaroola,  this little eco resort is nestled right in the middle of the Gammon Ranges, it is surrounded by some magnificent rocky mountains that are millions of years old.

Arkaroola Village
As it was State of Origin we rolled down to the pub and had a great roast dinner, followed by yet another Queensland win.

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