Monday, June 14, 2010

Pig's Arse Tour 2010 Day 3

Boy oh boy what a cold, cold night.  We woke up to ice on the trees and tents and bikes, it was everywhere and did I say cold!  Anyway we packed up, fueled up and headed off to Tibooburra.

Cold oh so Cold
Wanaaring Roadhouse finally open at about 9:00
From Wanaaring it was just a big long haul of 200ks of straight road most of the way to Tibooburra.

Just outside of Tibooburra is the Sturt National Park.  We just came in on the main road through it but I plan to come back and explore a lot more the surrounding area.

As you get closer to Tibooburra the country changes becomes quite rocky and with some low sharp rises. It is really quite pretty and I wish I had of taken some photos.

Once we got into Tibooburra it was time for a nice steak sandwich.  At the roadhouse the owner had quite an interesting pet.  It was a little Corella, native to this part of the world and had a cracker of personality.

His cage had a very interesting sign.

From Tibooburra it was off to the famous Cameron Corner.

Clay on the way to the Corner..  
Here you can stand in three states of Australia at once -  Qld, NSW, SA
The Cameron Corner General Store, Servo, Pub and Hotel.  Yep that is it all in one.

From here we head a 100ks up the road for a nice little camp in the dunes, with the Dingos howling all night.

A couple of big fires for the night kept us a lot warmer that we had been the previous evening.

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