Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pig's Arse Tour 2010 Day 2

Another day and another cold morning. We packed up and headed to Hebel for fuel, my fuel light had been on for some time the night before and I wasn't certain if I would make it, pulling into Hebel the big girl took just under the tanks' capacity of 22l, whew just got there on fumes.

Fuel at the Hebel Pub

We were heading for Goodooga, yep I hadn't heard of it either.

From Hebel we headed to Bourke via Goodooga and Brewarrina.   I have to say Bourke was surprising, I expected this bustling town, but really it is a bit of sad town, the local servo/roadhouse was fairly dingy an it was obvious the town had the same problem endemic to many outback towns, high levels of indigenous unemployment and displacement and the associated petty crime that comes with it.

The road into Brewarrina.
From Bourke it was back onto dirt as we headed out Wanaaring and thankfully the last time we would see Bitumen for a long while.  There was still a lot of water about and it looked pretty lush.

Lake on the Bourke-Wanaaring Rd.
For some reason Lindsay believed me when I waved him through the middle
of the water and was covered head to toe in water - Result!
Arriving at Wanaaring in the middle of the afternoon we thought it would be a quick fuel up and then on to Tibooburra, however the guys at the Wanaaring Roadhouse have one day off per year, the Sunday before Queens Birthday, doh!  Anyway so we camped down on the Paroo River and generally faffed about for the rest of the afternoon.

Our nice little camp site on the Paroo River.

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